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We are interested to see your lists of your best purchases from 2017 from CCR Brand here in Peach Boutique online. We are also wondering if there was anything you didn’t get around to buying before the year was out, or whether you feel your wardrobe needs rounding out. —Moderator 


I have this denim jacket, floral off shoulder top, graphic tee and black jumpsuit that I really loved. I bought all of these from the CCR Brand. Their clothes are trendy and fashionable but is suitable to my budget. —Denise 


Nice idea and all items are nice too, only one shirt with print ain’t my cup of tea but the rest are really greatI am quite happy. 



You won’t be disappointed with the CCR Brand. Their clothes are great, you’ll be hooked after buying your first one. I really love their trench coat. It’s trendy, fashionable, winter coat perfect for everyday wear. —Jamie 


Yeah @Rosie it’s not to everyone taste but that’s cool. —Denise 


Great picks @Denise, very consistent with your current style. Would love to get my hands on some graphic tees at some point and jackets too, but one thing at a time!  


As for myself, this year I see myself just refining on what I wore in 2017. – Rosie