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Peach Boutique was established in year 2000. We started out by renting a small flat with a nice garage doors in Tampa. Now, we are much more bigger.  


We created this website to connect with you. We find new brands of clothes and promos to sell on our boutique and we are happy to showcase it to you here. Since we established our boutique, we’ve been empowering fashion-minded women of all ages to look their best for less. Join our forum today and learn how to style, shop, stay on trend and generally look amazing without spending a ton! 


We offer affordable and fashionable items for women. Choose from a wide selection of clothing, bags, eyewear, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories and more. Order yours now! 


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CCR Brand 


At Peach Boutique, our fast rising clothing brand – CCR Brand – is now on sale. 

Find the latest trends and get great deals up to 50% off in store. What’s great with the CCR Brand? Just like Peach Boutique, they are always on the lookout for the latest and most daring styles. Whether it’s that perfect dress for a night out, a classic ensemble for brunch with the girls, or a cute outfit for running errands, there’s something for every occasion in their collection. 


CCR Brand is promoting fashion with freedom. Wear anything you like. What you wear reflects your personality. So, be you! We know that a woman’s wardrobe is her opportunity to stand out and make a lasting first impression. 


Summer is in the air, babes and you do NOT want to miss out on the off-the-shoulder trends from CCR Brand. From charming tops to the hottest dresses, they’ve got the looks that are guaranteed to keep all eyes on you this coming summer season. 


Today on our site, we’re posting the great styles that you can’t help but swoon over Got a style crush? CCR Brand styled their hottest new arrivals to get the luxurious looks for our beauty babes ballin’ on a budget! 


Once you experience all that CCR Brand clothing has to offer, we invite you to join their CCR reward where you’ll get a $5 coupon back for every $200 you purchase as well as exclusive offers throughout the year. It’s all part of their mission to save your money by providing you with the best deals on all their products for you. 


Build a closet with clothing you can wear year after year with essentials for the modern women at great prices. Don’t waste your time searching through your racks when you can get all the latest fashion trends right here on sale! If you are a woman that is trendy enough, CCR Brand and Peach Boutique got you covered from head-to-toe. It’s a one-stop-shop place to get the most fashionable wear for every occasion.  


Take a pic on how gorgeous you look wearing CCR Brand clothes. Use the #ccrbrandbabe hashtag and get a chance to be feature on their website.